About Us

Acclaimed worldwide, Sri Vaishnavimatha Astrologer,Pandit Ramakrishna Dixit is a has been active star divination for over cardinal years with mastery of the topic plus a deep perception and understanding of the sensible aspects of life. he’s a  professional person for a few years additionally to his commitment to star divination. For his predictions, he utilizes his information and experience of star divination to predict exactly and to assist determine and succeed objectives; to acknowledge the sudden opportunities and obstacles that one could encounter. He started the utilization of cyber nation for star divination that is common usage currently. His in-depth information is plus his distinctive and dynamic thoughts and concepts. Being an Astrologer Sri Vaishnavimatha Astrologer desires to succeed in out and facilitate individuals as he feels that one’s life is that the product of an interaction of destiny, diligence and luck. He believes that star divination should reach the tip user as a result of he wants it. He has established himself as an Astrologer of standing. many a person has benefited from the insights offered by Sri Vaishnavimatha Astrologer.

The stars and planets within the universe have continuously impressed a way of surprise.So, we attempt to unravel this sense of surprise and mystery by transferral you all information related to Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, and much more. With the blessing of goddess Sri Vaishnavimatha Astrologer, Pandit Ramakrishna Dixit is very intuitive, spiritually enlightened and is known for giving accurate predictions for well-known people in different walks of life. He includes a huge business relation everywhere the planet like Kerala, Karnataka, Bengali, Calcutta,Andhra Pradesh, Haridwar, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh. Many well-known individuals, commercial establishments and Industrial Organizations have benefited from his expertise and experience. He has More than 99 % of satisfied clients.

Pandit Ramakrishna Dixit is a deep understanding & innate talent lies in application of astrology and Vaastu to the process of creating inner and outer serenity leading to peace, prosperity & success in individual lives. He holds the firm belief that through astrology we will be protected against the percentages of life. Utter devotion, Prayers and Remedies can do Miracles in our lives.

If people are unable to contact the astrologer directly, we solve their problems through Call.