Financial Problems

Being financially sound could be a should. However, to realize this state, several people struggle due to varied reasons – lack of knowledge, understanding or unhealthy investments. Your financial standing could be a deciding issue of your pleasure or pain. accomplishment of financial stability could be a life goal for each person. It is an assessment of fodder days and dark days. This report indicates the number of wealth you’ll acquire and money you’ll build as exactly as doable.

Education and Career Problems

Education and career go hand in hand. Each are necessary in today’s day and age for one to reach life. However, some seen or unforeseen issues will cause obstacles in each education and career spheres. A swish and booming career is important to steer a decent life. There are ups and downs that everybody faces in their career – stagnation, delay in increment or promotion or one might want to alter their vocation altogether. we will shed light-weight over of these problems and supply solutions for people seeking this career report. The knowledgeable can analyses the person’s natal chart and supply them with solutions and remedies to revamp their career and guide them on the correct path.

Love Problems

Falling loving is that the loveliest feeling. However, this doesn’t guarantee closeness till eternity. At times, unseen issues or abrupt distinction surface between partners or it thus happens that families of the couple concerned disagree to the match. obtaining an entire love horoscope analysis will facilitate resolve such problems to make sure a swish life.

Relationship Problems

Marriage may be a lovely bond between two persons. Unfortunately, many times it’s not successful and couples separate or get divorced. married problems are a typical development these days. thanks to the high-stress lifestyles, marriages usually finish before they start! however these may be resolved with timely intervention and solutions. This service desires a careful and elaborate study. Hence, it’s suggested that folks seeking recommendation be terribly specific concerning their issues.

Children Problems

Motherhood is that the image of pure love on this earth. No mother, on this planet cannot even imagine life while not her baby. The fondness towards a baby shows the worth of a toddler for a mother. however generally because of some reasons countless ladies deprive with the sensation of relationship. This childless issues face by countless couples because of some biological problems. Despite getting sensible strength and numerous qualities, couples do not have babies and that they feel incomplete. As a result, ladies suffer from depression and feel alone. countless demeaning words are detected by ladies thanks to these relation issues. Couples strive each attainable effort to induce a toddler, however they fail anytime.

We are the child problem specialist and provide complete answer relating to these problems. Our specialist is tough within the field of astrology who sustain each attainable approach relating to child problem astrology.

Vastu Shastra

Vaastu shastra may be a traditional Hindu system of design. which accurately translates to science of design. These are texts found on the Indian landmass that describe principles of style, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Vaastu Shastras incorporate ancient Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. The styles are meant to integrate design with nature, the relative functions of assorted components of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns, symmetry and directional alignments. Vaastu Shastra are the matter a part of Vaastu Vidya, the latter being the broader data concerning design and style theories from ancient India. Vaastu Vidya data may be an assortment of concepts and ideas, with or while not the support of layout diagrams, that aren’t rigid. Rather, these concepts and ideas are models for the organization of area and type inside a building or assortment of buildings, supported their functions in reference to one another, their usage and to the material of the Vaastu. Ancient Vaastu Shastra principles embody those for the look of Mandir (Hindu temples), and the principles for the look and layout of homes, towns, cities, gardens, roads, water works, retailers and alternative public areas.

Future Predictions

Astrology determines a person’s strengths, weaknesses, the temperament traits, the inclinations and wishes. light helps us to see through darkness. astrology helps us to visualize into the long run. What best than to understand the long run through the suggests that of understanding, analysing and finding out the birth chart of someone? indeed a birth chart is nothing however an ideal blue print of the long run of a person. once someone is born, the position of the planets at that specific time is considered important. The birth chart depicts the planets relationship and the influence on the person which can decide the destiny of the person for his period. The part of success, the qualities of someone, the physical associated mental characteristics along decide the long run in conjunction with the positioning of the planets in keeping with a forecaster in urban centre. Dasha additionally referred to as the time length decides however the heavenly celestial bodies build an impression on one’s life. They additionally decide the direction of your life and the means they’re going to influence your future. the world Saturn plays a significant role in Hindu astrology. additionally, referred to as Shani, this planet moves slowly and features a reference to the life of someone. the simplest forecaster in urban centre says that the location of Saturn in an exceedingly vantage signifies long life.

Sri Vaishnavimatha Astrologer is associate knowledgeable in astrology with decades of expertise in issues about future, relationships, love, marriage, business and career. If the long run ahead seems bleak, don’t hesitate to consult us for the proper and correct astrology.

Palm Reading Services, Palmistry Experts

Palmistry is practiced by evaluating an individual’s characteristics and future by perceptive the palm of the person’s hand. this can be judged by varied lines, shapes and structures and their interconnection and intersections. The fingers and finger prints are taken into consideration for a lot of careful study.

The palm of each hand isn’t identical, they take issue loads from each other and so provides out totally different interpretation.

Left – The mitt is controlled by the correct brain (pattern recognition, relationship understanding), reflects the inner person, the natural self, the anima, and the heuristic rule.

Right – As opposites are, the correct hand is controlled by the cerebral hemisphere (logic, reason, and language), reflects the outer person, objective self, influence of social surroundings, education, and skill. It represents linear thinking.


THE HEART LINEIt is found towards the top of the palm under the fingers, palmist interprets this line represent matters of the heart, which is more literally, our emotional living. its therefore believed to be an insight into how the emotional sides of our mind frames will act out and be acted upon during our lifetimes, and often said, to what extent we possess emotional reservation with us.

THE HEART LINE – it’s found towards the highest of the palm underneath the fingers, palmist interprets this line represent matters of the centre, that is a lot of virtually, our emotional living. its thus believed to be an insight into however the emotional sides of our mind frames can act out and be acted upon throughout our lifetimes, and infrequently aforesaid, to what extent we tend to possess emotional reservation with us.

HEAD LINE – palmist typically interpret this line to represent the persons mind and the means it works, as well as learning vogue, communication vogue, intellectualism and for knowledge in several spheres of life.

LIFELINE – the road is believed to represent the person’s vitality, vigour, physical health and general well-being. The life line is additionally believed to replicate major life changes.

FATELINE – generally this line is assumed to replicate circumstances on the far side the individual management.

SUNLINE – Parallel to the fate line underneath the finger it indicates quality or obscurity.

MERCURY LINE – it’s presupposed to be an indicator of persistent health issue, business acumen or social talent.

Face Reading Astrology

Our physical options are the manifestations of our mind and thoughts. A face reader will read one’s facial expression, to urge an insight into the person’s mind and facilitate are aware of it higher.

Reading a face is one among the most important aspects of Samudrik Vigyan (The Science of Body Features) that itself may be a comprehensive prophetic science that analyses every single aspect of an individual’s look.

Face reading helps one perceive the results of events and issues in an exceedingly personal life, and opportunities and success in one’s skilled career.

Marriage & Compatibility

Marriage is one of the foremost important selections in life. Thus, it is important to search out the compatibility between the couples. astrology for wedding presents us with all the main points relating to the match, the main points concerning the ups and downs in your married life, the quantity of affection between the couples, sexual compatibility, problems if any in obtaining a toddler and probabilities of obtaining divorce, etc. The position of the moon alongside the aspects just in case of male horoscope and the position of the sun in case of feminine horoscope are given plenty of significance in astrology for wedding.

On the contrary, once the stars are in quadrate or opposition or badly placed, there’ll be hassle and disagreement. the facility of adaptation determines the degree of disagreement and issue and the lack of power of adaptation is that the primary reason for incompatibility of temperament. many queries associated with wedding are resolved with the assistance of astrology like once can the individual wed, if he or she is going to wed or not? and lots of additional.

Physical Compatibility

The two people who have gotten married got to have a physical compatibility, i.e. they must feel the concupiscence between as it’s very important for the survival of the wedding.

Physical Compatibility

Psychological compatibility comes once the physical and is calculated between the two people for wedding in astrology. It principally determines the mental wavelength of man and girl and here their interests, anger, talents and behavior are matched for wedding.

Spiritual Compatibility

Spiritual compatibility comes calculated between the two people for wedding in astrology. It principally determines the non-secular level of a person and girl and whether they are matched for wedding.

The fact additionally goes that there’s a bent to separate written in some people’s horoscope and here our Panditji can predict whether the people have the signs of obtaining divorce or not. If it is so then wedding isn’t counseled. So, hurry up and decision us if you wish to grasp your wedding compatibility astrology completely.

Numerology or Sankhya Shastra

Numerology is that the study of mystical relationship between variety and a few coinciding perceived developments in human world. it had been widespread among early mathematicians like Pythagoras however currently it’s no additional a neighborhood of arithmetic. currently it’s thought to be the integral a part of pseudo arithmetic or false belief.

Numerology is practiced in a very specific systematic manner that deals with understanding the inherent power that the numbers exhibits once combined with the innate potentialities of the people in general. There are not any universal law or rule which may be employed in describing a which means of a selected number it keeps on variable from culture to culture and in line with completely different faculties of branch of knowledge. Here are several the common interpretations of the digits in branch of knowledge.

Benefits of Numerology

Numerology could be a primary assist tool. It reveals several hid sides of your characteristic and temperament that comes with a rejuvenating result on you. It helps you to grasp yourself higher and apprehension paves the trail to success. Having clarity and insight into your strengths and weakness can assist you in each side of your life. It permits you to cultivate your vigor and overcome your instability.

Numerology will reveal bound cycle of your life that points to the negative events of your life, like accident, cash issues, divorce any more. however, at a similar time branch of knowledge can even prefigure some magnetic positive events in your life.

Numerology will predict bound gratifying periods of your life terribly accurately. Your subject field chart discloses your potentials, your inadequacies, your challenges and your lessons however to find out from your actions. each variety suggests their potentialities and weakness. All the items on earth have the brighter and darker sides.


Gems medical aid is straightforward term coined parenthetically the therapeutic side of some terribly precious stones. The essence of this tiny wonders of mother earth was understood in age recent eras once individuals felt higher in some specific location wherever some specific stones or minerals were found. therefore, researches from piece of writing gave birth to gems medical aid. the valuable stones contain a healthful pedigree that is extremely necessary to acknowledge to know the important healing result of this surprise stones.

Choosing an accurate gem could be a terribly sensitive task and it’s even additional important than sporting it. every gemstone represents every planet and sporting a gem representing the world that’s suits you could be a terribly important factor. The proper gem helps to take care of proper body cycle and enhances the physiological balance in our body. thus, any quite experiment with selecting right gem will have terribly serious damaging result. currently selecting right gem is an art. this will be done with success by a smart astrologer who has ample information and power in doing, therefore.

YELLOW SAPPHIRE– This stone principally uses for planet Jupiter, its helps to your financial gain, it’ll look out of your health issue and money issues.

BLUE SAPPHIRE– This gem represents planet Saturn, this can influence your marital status issue, and it’ll offer you relief of your struggles.

EMERALD– this is often for mercury, it’ll assist you to require right call in right time, to carrying emerald it boasts your analytical talents, those that are into business or body work they ought to wear emerald.

RUBY– Stands for planet sun this gem can assist you to your leadership, and provides you fame, power and communication skills.

PEARL– It’s for moon, it’ll offer you mental peace and boast your inventive, inventive talents to become no-hit in movie industry or media you need to wear pearl.

RED CORAL– Stands for planet mars, it offers you plenty of energy aggressiveness, and it conjointly advantages your mental and physical growth.

CATS EYE– This gem representing planet kethu, to wear this stone can helps your luxurious manner and fast gain.

GARNET– It stands for planet Rahu, it’ll assist you to realize speculation cash.

DIAMOND– This gem represents planet Venus, it’ll offer you physiological condition, energy, peace, marital status happiness, those that belong to sports or glamour trade they ought to wear diamond. 

Kundli Matching Services

Our physical options are the manifestations of our mind and thoughts. A face reader will read one’s facial expression, to urge an insight into the person’s mind and facilitate are aware of it higher.

Reading a face is one among the most important aspects of Samudrik Vigyan (The Science of Body Features) that itself may be a comprehensive prophetic science that analyses every single aspect of an individual’s look.

Face reading helps one perceive the results of events and issues in an exceedingly personal life, and opportunities and success in one’s skilled career.

Husband & Wife Problem

For many, wedding is an establishment that brings two different people rather different personalities to measure underneath a typical roof. Despite of mutual love and understanding, some couple could be inevitable.

The relationship between a husband and wife is kind of special and each family unit desires their relationship to be ideal. Though, no relation is ideal, that is that the great thing about a relationship, occasionally issues may arise which could be serious and may result in the destruction of a contented married life. For such scenario, one wants correct and systematic steerage and several other such issues are often expeditiously tackled by astrology. There are many ancient ways in astrology which will reveal the compatibility level and therefore the issues that the couple may face before or once the wedding.

The explanation for marital status issues will solely be determined by analyzing the horoscope properly. Going by pure astrology, the earth that governs our relationships and therefore the essence of affection, Mars and Venus conjointly plays an important role. If these planets within the horoscope are placed properly either in fifth, seventh, ninth or eleventh house of the birth chart, it brings ecstasy and happiness in relationships, however if they’re influenced by malign planets, then it results in marital status disturbances that might eventually lead into divorce problems. However, at Mystic astrology, our Pandit ji is kind of older and professional in finding out such issues through his mastery over astrology.

Dispute between husband and wife may be a common problem recently that finally results in divorce. However, many do not understand that astrology incorporates a massive half to play in rectifying these variations and realizing this we’ve created individuals aware of it through our Pandit ji World Health Organization is a professional in astrology. With nice level of experience during this field for many years he has solved many such problems. So, if you would like to induce this problem sorted out and live gayly, do call us.